nCore Rapid Prototyping

nCore has been processing rapid prototypes for over 10 years and has one of the lowest price-points in the industry. We process accurate, professional models at lower cost and in less time than the middle man on-line quoting services. “Rapid” really means something at nCore with over 50% of our orders shipping within 24 hours. We have several SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machines to service out customers.


You can easily establish a budgetary estimate of your SLS part cost by using the following formula:

Volume (cubic in.) x $20.50 + Height (inches) x $109.00 = Cost for the first Part
Volume (cubic in.) x $20.50 + Height (inches) x $25.00 = Additional Parts

Additional parts ordered at the same time are built at a significant discount (as long as the Height is equal or less than the first part).
Large quantities (over 10 parts) should be hand quoted to obtain the largest discount. There is a minimum charge of $40 for small orders.
We always follow-up with a firm quote by email.



Duraform and Duraform Glass Filled

Rigid functional nylon 11 is not fragile like SLA materials and can be drilled, tapped,milled, thermally or ultrasonicly inserted, glued, primed and painted. It is one of the toughest materials you can use for a prototype part. We build at layer thickness of 0.004 inches.

Somos 201 synthetic rubber

Tough, flexible rubber-like parts can be processed from Somos 201 powder but unlike Duraform parts, they require a secondary process of vacuum impregnation of BJB 1040 urethane. This seals the porosity of the part and imparts significant additional toughness. The impregnation process allows the addition of color to the part other than natural tan. Our standard colors are black, red, green, blue and yellow.


We stock the following colors for FDM modeling: black, white, yellow, red and blue.



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